• Performance Trending in Operation

    Monitor the performance of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS). Safetec's solution SOFUS has been in operation for over 15 years and we are now happy to announce a revamp of the system to v2. This upgraded version now supports seamless integration with popular maintenance management systems and also web-integration with user customisable dashboards. 

  • Location and positioning of aquaculture farms

    Using ship traffic data (AIS) and geodata, Safetec generates user specific aquaculture farm positioning reports.
    These studies identify potential areas of conflict between aquaculture and shipping.
    Identifying measures to avoid such conflicts and minimize the risk of implementing any changes to coastal areas are an integral part of these studies.
  • Predict Vessel Collision

    COAST performs vessel traffic surveys. The tool automatically plots identified shipping routes on ARCS hydrographical charts and include information like shipping route, way-points, standard deviation, size, flag and age distribution of vessels on each route and much more. 
    Together with COLLIDE,Safetec calculates the collision frequencies for passing vessels at a given location.
  • Predict ship risk for safer maritime transport

    Together with the Norwegian Maritime Authority, Safetec has developed a risk model for ships in the maritime sector.
    The novel risk model utilizes data from accident databases, earlier supervision history, live ship traffic information, questionnaire from ship owners.
    The calculation engine is able to generate real-time risk scores for over12000 ships.
  • Predict required UPS battery capacity

    UPS power supplies are expensive infrastructure.
    Safetec's optimisation team helped BaneNor save millions in identifying the required UPS capacity. Using predictive analysis and our integrated simulation environment, Safetec could simulate availability of the power distribution supply. 
  • Predict maintenance on power grids

    Risk modelling of power line infrastructure.
    The user is presented with a visual risk picture and the associated expected expenditure based on the chosen maintenance strategy.
    Risk results overlaid on geodata allows the decision-maker to make appropriate investment decisions. The solution is currently being used across multiple power distribution companies in Norway - enabling better and wiser maintenance decisions. 
  • Predict Escape Time

    Mustering is meant to ensure that all personnel move to a safe location on the facility within the required time constraints.

    Safetec's modelling and simulation platform simulated escape time performance for the Johan Sverdrup field center.

    Such studies help identify bottlenecks early during design and help identify operational measures necessary to compensate for any potential issues.

  • Predict sizing and dimensioning of terminals

    Safetec's simulation and optimization environment modelled the complete flow of logistics at the planned oil terminal in Veidnes, Finnmark (north Norway).

    This terminal will serve the oil producers in the high north.

    The simulation was able to precisely predict and optimize the required number of tanks, their sizes, require number of jetties etc.

  • Predict Operational Risk

    Utilizes information from the permit-to-work system to provide decision support to operation and maintenance personnel. Identifies the top risk contributors from day to day.


    Enables prioritization and execution of tasks - efficiently and safely.

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