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Do you want to calculate your expected evacuation time based on the layout of your plant/facility?

Enter your facility specifc information to the left and estimate the expected evacuation time.



The purpose of this calculator is to provide simplified calculations of escape time from A to B in e.g. buildings and process plants.


User groups are: risk analysis experts, regulators, personnel responsible for emergency planning, event planners, fire protection responsible etc.


The suggested parameters are average, based on adults without any physical limitations in optimal conditions (best case).

The user can define: reaction time, relevant distance and walking/climbing speed  (horizonal/stairway/ladder).


The calculator does not reflect increased escape time due to:

  • bottlenecks (if several persons pass the same obstacle (e.g. door or stairs))

  • a person’s physical condition (e.g. age, fatigue, injuries),

  • mental conditions,

  • visibility (e.g. smoke or light conditions)

  • amount of people in the area (density)

Use “walking speed” to adjust for any increased escape time.


The user should verify the results before they are used as formal decision support.

Safetec can perform escape time studies that reflect specific conditions (increased escape time).

Please contact insight@safetec.no if you have any questions

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