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This calculator presents leak frequency estimations for offshore facilities at the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS). The tool is based on the PLOFAM (Process leak for offshore installations frequency assessment model) method. Details about the report can be found on the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association's webpages.



This calculator provides leak frequency estimations for process system components. The tool is implemented in accordance with the PLOFAM model (Process leak for offshore installations frequency assessment model) method developed in a Joint Industry Project. The report describing the model can be found on the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association's webpages.


It must be noted that the model is derived based on data gathered from oil and gas processing systems at installations in the North Sea. Thus, its applicability in other domains must be considered specifically. Furthermore, the PLOFAM model is expected to provide a more accurate result for a complete system compared to the estimate for a given component. This is related to the underlying failure modes that may be irrelevant for certain components.


This risk calculator can be used to:

- understand the total frequency for accidental leaks associated with components in a process system

- inspect the probability for various leak scenarios arising from a given component

- evaluate the major accident potential related to accidental leaks from complex systems


User groups:

- risk analysis experts

- process system designers

- personnel working with operation of process systems

- regulators


The calculator give estimate for multiples of single components. Safetec can support with estimation of the aggregated leak frequency for a complete process system also accounting for the response of the system in an abnormal situation.

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