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Calculate the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) for your component. 

Estimate updated failure rate based on your component's field performance

Leak Frequency

Calculate and plot leak frequency vs. hole size for typical offshore industry equipment types. 


Estimate expected evacuation time in an emergency situation. Plot simple sensitivities and analyse if your facility meets it's emergency preparedness requirements

Digitalisation & Open Source

Digitalisation and the data revolution has brought about a radical shift in the way buisnesses work and collaborate

We in Safetec believe in the power of open source and information sharing. We believe that open data promotes learning on how to manage risk effectively.

​This platform is the start of how we in Safetec would like to promote open sourcing of industry standard risk calculations. We would like to enable our clients and others to use these tools free of cost.


The key is the capability to effectively apply the data and models to enhance the safety performance of a given system or organisation. We believe that everyone should be equipped with the same toolkit to achieve this capability.

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