Safetec Focus is a series of articles that center on a particular topic of interest.
Focus demonstrates how data can be processed, analysed and presented to give relevant and precise information

What is


Safetec Focus is a collection of articles covering important focus areas for Safetec. Through these articles, we aim to demonstrate how both historical and real-time data can be processed, analyzed and presented to allow the user to make well-informed decisions.

Data analytics, «big data», «real-time» and other buzz words are quite difficult to understand. The same can be said about risk management. 

Data is information. And information needs to be presented in its right form to promote good decisions.

Based on our competence and decades of experience within safety, optimization and improvement, we present Safetec Focus.

We delve into the details of subjects that you are interested in and allow the data to guide you to better understand what is important to make correct decisions.

Graphs and numbers don't lie, but the way it is presented might. A simple example.

The first impression of data might be hard to correct later. How the data is captured and presented strongly influences how you interpret it.


The graph below presents the same information, but with a better suited axis-level. 

Handling of your data, choosing the best way to visualize your data, and what indicators best serves you, enables you, and those you present your data to, to make the right decision at the right time.

A trivial, but nevertheless illustrative example

The world is not static, and your grounds for decision-making should not be either. It will never be possible to take everything that changes into consideration. But how changes affect a decision is possible to account for while making complex decisions.


Through intuitive and interactive visualization and a selection of indicators we enable you to make better decisions.

Together, let's make your data meaningful

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